Ben and Jen Create Engaging Ring History Once Again

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Just a couple of days ago, the internet was abuzz with rumors of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s engagement after J.Lo was seen wearing a massive diamond ring on her left hand. Now, the couple has officially confirmed the news through Jennifer’s newsletter,

The engagement ring itself is truly remarkable. Although initially only blurry images were available, more details have since emerged. The center stone is a rare green diamond, weighing 8.5 carats and featuring a modified brilliant cut. It is flanked by two white diamond side stones, all set in a platinum ring with custom-shaped trapezoid step-cut diamonds.

This green diamond engagement ring is truly unique, as green diamonds are incredibly rare. In fact, it is the first time a celebrity has received a green diamond for an engagement ring. While pink, yellow, and light brown diamonds have been chosen by celebrities before, green diamonds are in a league of their own.

Green diamonds come in various shades of green, and the largest one recently seen was a 10-carat heart-shaped mossy green diamond. The most famous green diamond in history is the Dresden Green diamond, weighing 41 carats, which is housed in the Dresden Green Vault in Saxony.

The significance of this green diamond engagement ring is reminiscent of the pink diamond ring Affleck gave Lopez back in 2002. At the time, pink diamonds were not widely known, and their popularity skyrocketed thanks to the couple’s influence.

While pink diamonds were being mined steadily, green diamonds are much rarer. They are often found in various shades of green, and the most famous green diamond, the Dresden Green, was sourced from the Golconda mine in India.

Despite the rarity of green diamonds, there have been notable sales and auctions of these precious gems. However, finding a green diamond similar to J.Lo’s engagement ring is quite challenging. Some green diamonds have sold for millions of dollars at auction, and they are often paired with pink diamonds in jewelry pieces. Harry Winston, the famous jeweler that provided Affleck with the pink diamond, currently has no green diamonds available.

In conclusion, Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond engagement ring is a truly extraordinary piece of jewelry. Its rarity and unique color make it a symbol of the couple’s love and their second chance at true love.

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