Discovering the Creator of Kate Hudson’s Engagement Ring

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Kate Hudson recently shared an Instagram post featuring an intimate embrace with her long-time partner, musician Danny Fujikawa. Accompanied by emojis and delicate band rings on the third finger of her left hand, many initially believed that the couple had tied the knot. However, it turns out that the emojis were indicating their recent engagement, and the band rings were not the actual engagement ring. A closer look at Kate’s Instagram reveals that she frequently wears the bands on her left hand’s third finger.

At the Met Gala, Kate debuted her stunning engagement ring, capturing headlines with its size and grandeur. As is customary with celebrity engagements, the couple is keeping the details of the ring under wraps.

So, who might be responsible for creating this magnificent piece? Kate has a deep appreciation for jewelry and frequently wears designs from various renowned designers. She wore a gorgeous necklace by Lorraine Schwartz to the Met Gala, has a close relationship with jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, favors Bulgari jewelry, and has collaborated with Chrome Hearts for several years.

However, upon closer inspection of the ring, it bears a resemblance to the work of Fred Leighton, another beloved jewelry destination for Kate. Her fondness for this legendary New York jeweler, known for its exceptional vintage jewelry and contemporary designs inspired by classic styles, dates back quite some time. A notable moment occurred in 2011 when Kate adorned her hair with a vintage star brooch from Leighton.

An Instagram post from October 5, 2019 further supports the theory that Kate’s engagement ring is from Fred Leighton. The post features three fancy colored diamond rings, with the left one bearing striking similarities to Kate’s exquisite ring. This particular post created a buzz among jewelry enthusiasts, with Debra Messing exclaiming “The LEFT!!” in the comments section.

I was fortunate enough to see the ring in person after the post, and it left me in awe. Its beauty is truly unforgettable.

If more information about the ring’s origin becomes available, this post will be updated accordingly.

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