Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Impressive Jewels to Court After Skiing Accident

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After eight days of testimony in what was called the Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Crash Trial by The New York Times, the actress and Goop founder was found not guilty of crashing into a retired optometrist on the slopes of a ski resort in Park City, Utah.

Throughout the trial, there was extensive coverage of Gwyneth’s impeccably stylish outfits. She wore a gray suit, a cream cardigan with khaki pants, and a black midi-skirt with a sweater. Her outfits exuded a low-key luxury vibe that reflects the fashion trends seen on runways in New York, Milan, and Paris.

Gwyneth’s court style was more polished than her usual attire. She opted for a rich autumnal color palette, light and professionally done makeup, and occasionally added layers of gold jewelry.

While some speculated if Gwyneth had professional styling for the court, it seems that she only received minimal assistance. A quick look at her Instagram revealed that some of her outfits were from her own closet, and her gold jewelry had been seen on previous occasions.

Interestingly, none of the experts from Vogue to the New York Times could identify the sources of most of her attire. Although some items were recognized as Goop G Label, Celine, and Prada, the majority remained a mystery, which is unusual in the age of the internet.

The same went for her jewelry, which was described as “chunky gold jewelry” and “commendable jewelry” by fashion commentators who struggled to pinpoint their origins.

In my investigation, I discovered that Gwyneth’s most notable jewelry piece during the trial was her Foundrae Custom Heart Love Token on an Oversized Mixed Clip Chain. The design allowed for the addition of initials on the heart, and Gwyneth appeared to have added an “A” for her daughter Apple and an “M” for her son Moses.

She also wore a Foundrae diamond Initial pendant representing her husband, Brad Falchuk.

It seems that Gwyneth has been wearing this jewel since at least 2019, joining the ranks of many celebrities who are fans of the collection.

On her right hand, she appeared to be wearing an Oura ring, a technological tracker sold on Goop. She layered it with another decorative gold band.

Gwyneth’s love for chunky gold chokers was evident during the trial, with the one she wore being the largest she has ever worn.

At first, it was mistaken for her Robinson Pelham Identity Short Gold and Diamond necklace, but upon closer inspection, it was a larger version. It was later identified as the 18K Yellow Gold Strong Hearts Chain Necklace by Foundrae, worn by the designer Beth Hutches herself.

As for the other jewelry on her left hand, she wore a chain link bracelet with a medallion, and another unidentified piece.

Additionally, she wore a pinky ring with what appeared to be an Ionic column in the center. The ring is a regular part of her accessories, but there is little information about it. She also wore her slender gold wedding ring and a thin diamond ring.

It’s worth noting that Gwyneth’s collection of jewelry extends far beyond what she wore during the trial. Over the years, she has proven to be a jewelry enthusiast, often discovering rare and unique pieces before they become well-known. This fact was highlighted during the trial, showcasing her longstanding passion for jewelry.

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