Broken English Unveils a Stunning New Store in NYC

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Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about a new jewelry boutique on Crosby Street in New York City. According to the Bloomberg Business Report, Broken English has opened a 9,000 square foot multi-brand store in this location. Intrigued by this news, I reached out to Laura Freedman, the founder of Broken English, who had given me a tour of the space. In a playful response, she mentioned that they were ready to take on Tiffany & Co.

Contrary to the report, the new Broken English store occupies 900 square feet, rather than 9,000 square feet. The space is thoughtfully divided between public and private areas for selling, along with a back-of-house section. However, the store doesn’t feel small at all. It is like a treasure trove within a jewel box.

Laura envisioned the design to evoke the atmosphere of an old New York department store. She explains, “I drew inspiration from iconic houses of jewelry, such as Tiffany, and my love for New York. However, it also reflects the distinctive Broken English style – accessible, warm, and inviting.”

The store features various design details, such as a vintage Murano glass Palmette chandelier and mirrored built-in cases filled with a myriad of treasures. Some of these treasures are sourced from hard-to-find Los Angeles-based designers.

For instance, Broken English is the exclusive retailer of Lisa Eisner’s collection. Lisa, known as Tom Ford’s muse, creates statement jewelry using American gemstones. The store also showcases designs by Vram, a highly sought-after master jeweler with a dedicated following.

Both Laura and the flagship Broken English store at Brentwood Country Mart are based in Los Angeles. Initially, Broken English opened a store on Crosby Street in New York City in 2006, located at the back of the All Saints store, which was owned by Laura’s friends. When the lease expired recently, she searched for a new space on Crosby Street because it is her favorite street in the entire city.

The location and ambiance of Crosby Street were just as crucial as curating the jewelry selection in the store. It features a blend of contemporary designers, antique fine jewelry, vintage Chanel costume designs, and some home decor pieces. The prices range from affordable at around $100 to extravagant luxury.

Laura describes the store as “laidback luxury,” bringing a California spirit to New York. She aims for everyone to find something special at Broken English that marks a milestone in their life because that’s what jewelry represents.

Everything about Broken English aligns with the original idea that inspired Laura to create the brand. She explains, “The name comes from a Marianne Faithfull song, which I interpret as that indescribable, breathtaking beauty. It’s like broken English.”

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