A Spellbinding Collection: Harry Winston’s Magical Engagement Ring Designs

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It has been said before, but it is worth repeating: we are currently experiencing a renaissance in engagement ring design. Brides are now more adventurous and are seeking more unique and creative jewelry pieces. In response to this demand, designers are pushing the boundaries of traditional engagement ring designs.

As a leader in diamond engagement rings, Harry Winston has now joined the creative movement. Their latest collection, called Bridal Couture, showcases eight dazzling rings.

The title “Couture” is a nod to wedding gowns, which served as the inspiration for these designs. Each ring highlights different elements of a gown and is adorned with various fancy diamond solitaires.

Take a look at a selection of the collection below.

Photo by Harry Winston

This engagement ring features pear and marquise shape diamonds surrounding the emerald-cut center stone, inspired by the open-weave pattern of Chantilly lace.

Photo by Harry Winston

This oval-shaped diamond engagement ring features romantic bows with pear-shaped diamond centers.

Photo by Harry Winston

Winston’s marquise-shaped diamond bypass ring pays homage to wedding gowns with asymmetrical hemlines.

Photo by Harry Winston

The interlacing ribbons found in wedding gown corsetry inspired the setting for this pear-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Courtesy of Harry Winston

This grand emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, with its halo setting of gems, draws inspiration from a bride’s veil that frames her face when lifted during the ceremony.

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