Kristen Stewart Bucks Tradition with a Sleek Diamond Band for Her Engagement Ring

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Kristen Stewart has been attending various Awards shows this week. She was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Princess Diana in Spencer. Stewart was seen at the Oscar Nominees luncheon, The Hollywood Reporter’s Nominees Night, Independent Spirit Awards, and Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where she received an honor.

While looking at pictures of Stewart at these events, I couldn’t help but notice the thick angular band on the third finger of her left hand. The ring is made of a white metal.

Stewart had previously announced her engagement to girlfriend Dylan Meyer during an appearance on Howard Stern’s show in November. She excitedly said, “We’re marrying, we’re totally gonna do it.”

However, the details of the ring went unnoticed, even during Stewart’s promotions for Spencer starting from October. She had been wearing the ring, but no one seemed to have noticed.

Stewart subtly showed off her ring by placing her hand in her hair, which went unnoticed. This is often the case when a less flashy piece of jewelry is chosen.

A similar situation happened with Zoë Kravitz, whose delicate vintage diamond engagement ring from her previous husband Karl Glusman also went unnoticed for months until she confirmed her engagement during an interview.

When Stewart mentioned her engagement on Stern’s show, there was a rush to find the ring. The thick white metal band sparked curiosity and speculation about its design, as it differed from the traditional solitaire diamond ring.

Although Stewart is an ambassador for Chanel and often wears their clothes, jewels, and watches on the red carpet, the ring was not from the brand. This was surprising, as she has expressed her gratitude to Chanel for their assistance with the costume department on Spencer.

Some members of the press thought the ring could be silver or platinum. Jenny Luker, the president of Platinum Guild International USA, explained that the ring appeared to be a wide, brushed platinum band with a flat front and square-shaped edges, giving a modern twist to a classic style. She estimated the ring’s cost to be around $2,500.

It is unclear who designed the ring. Aside from Chanel, Stewart is often seen wearing jewelry from her makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. Dempsey’s Lip Locket necklace in silver is a regular part of Stewart’s accessories. There is speculation that Dempsey may have designed the engagement ring as a special commission. If there is any further information, this post will be updated.

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