New Book Provides Insight into the History of Tiffany & Co.

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The Tiffany Archives, published by Steidl and featuring photography by Henry Leutwyler, showcases a stunning collection of jewels, gems, objects, and ephemera. From Art Deco diamond bracelets to the iconic 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, this book highlights a range of exquisite pieces from Tiffany & Co.

The introduction is written by Christopher Young, vice president and creative director of creative visual merchandising and The Archives at Tiffany & Co. Additionally, the foreword is written by an undisclosed author.

The book offers a remarkable assortment of items, many of which are exhibited publicly for the first time. This comprehensive collection reflects the vision of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, who established the Tiffany & Co. archive when the company was founded in 1837. Tiffany aimed to curate inventory that catered to a diverse range of customers, offering both high-end luxury items and more affordable options.

Christopher Young emphasizes the equal care and meticulous conservation measures applied to all objects in the collection. The book showcases this ethos through creative pairings of disparate objects, such as a parasol and a necklace or a jewel and an invitation. These unexpected combinations visually convey the extensive range of Tiffany’s creations.

In addition to its historical significance, the book serves as a tribute to the archivists who have meticulously maintained Tiffany’s records for the past 186 years. Throughout The Tiffany Archives, the archivists provide anecdotes and insights about various jewels, objects, and ephemera, offering readers a deeper understanding of Tiffany’s legacy.

These accounts include details about notable pieces like the five enamel and gem-set orchid designs by George Paulding Farnham, which were exhibited at the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris. One French reviewer described them as “so perfect, so lifelike in their grace and charm, that they give the illusion of being natural.”

The book also includes intriguing facts, such as the story of designers creating a commemorative box to celebrate Joe DiMaggio’s legendary 56-game hitting streak in 1941. As the streak progressed, the designers had to repeatedly update the number of games on the box design, showcasing the ongoing excitement surrounding DiMaggio’s achievement.

Photographer Henry Leutwyler beautifully captures the essence of each item in The Tiffany Archives. His talent for infusing life into inanimate objects is evident as he turns his lens to everything from the Jean Schlumberger Salon Journal to an assortment of diamond bracelets.

The Tiffany Archives book is a rare gem, priced at $125 and published in very limited quantities. It is exclusively available for purchase at The Tiffany Landmark in New York City.

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