13 Stunning Golden Rings Crafted by The Radiance Designers’ Master Artisans

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Remember the holiday jingle “The Twelve Days of Christmas” with the famous line “five golden rings”? Well, I’ve always wanted to create a Gift Guide inspired by that idea, but I always felt limited by the number five. However, after discovering the incredible rings made by The Radiance, a group of 13 talented BIPOC designers, I realized it was finally time to showcase their amazing golden creations.

The Radiance is composed of Angely Martinez, A.M. Thorne, Bijules, Common Right Supply, KLG Jewellery, Lola Feinhirst, Lorraine West, Maggi Simpkins, Mazahri, Melanie Eddy, Olivia Shih, Viviana Langhoff, and White/Space. These emerging designers were part of the inaugural mentorship program of COUTURE’S Diversity Action Council (DAC) in 2020. The initiative received support from De Beers, who provided the designers with Code of Origin diamonds and a production budget.

You can find all of the stunning rings created by The Radiance at Marissa Collections.

Angely Martinez presents the Mother Earth Gold and Diamond Statement Ring.

Maggi Simpkins presents the Emerald Bubble Ring with Malachite.

A.M. Thorne presents the Sati Ring.

Bijules presents the Compass Ring.

Lorraine West presents the Waves Ring Set of Three.

Viviana Langhoff presents the Fire Ring.

Mazahri presents the Cosmos 2.0 Ring.

Common Right Supply presents the Paradigm Ring.

White/Space presents the Bold Diamond Continuity Ring.

KLG Jewellery presents the Heirloom Heart & Home Ring.

Lola Fenhirst presents the Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Melanie Eddy presents the Vega Ring.

Olivia Shih presents the Toi et Moi Ring.

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