About the Popular Bulgari Video featuring “Annedaya”

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Bulgari unveiled its latest advertisement campaign, titled “Unexpected Wonders,” on Monday. Since then, this just over 2-minute video has been widely shared across various media platforms.

Naturally, mainstream fashion outlets have covered the short film, which is set in Rome and stars Anne Hathaway and Zendaya. Even some influential style channels couldn’t resist it. The renowned fashion critics at Diet Prada created a portmanteau for the two stars, referring to them as “Annedaya,” and expressed their admiration for the production.

Newsweek declared, “The internet is going crazy over Anne Hathaway’s and Zendaya’s collaboration with the Italian luxury brand, Bulgari.”

The acclaimed Italian film director, Paolo Sorrentino, who directed the video, encouraged film outlets to review the ad campaign as well. Sorrentino is best known for his 2013 film, “The Great Beauty,” which won the Academy Award, Golden Globe, and BAFTA for Best Foreign Language Film.

Some movie critics mentioned the subtle references to “Ocean’s 8” in the production. A few even expressed their desire for an immediate follow-up film titled “Ocean’s 9” with Hathaway and Zendaya. Others noted a certain “Euphoria” vibe and a lot of sexual tension between the two stars.

Now, let’s talk about the jewelry. I can provide a review on that. The ad showcases Bulgari’s collections, ranging from everyday jewelry to unique masterpieces.

Zendaya can be seen wearing pieces from the gold collection B.Zero1, which was initially launched to celebrate the new millennium and has remained incredibly popular throughout the 21st century. She also adorns the brand’s BB collection and a captivating High Jewelry collar that steals the spotlight.

Anne Hathaway, on the other hand, showcases an assortment of High Jewelry pieces. One notable favorite is the gem-encrusted Serpenti bracelet watch, reminiscent of Bulgari’s designs from the mid-20th century.

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