Chris Evert’s Tennis Bracelet Collaboration is Amazing!

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The origin story of the tennis bracelet is unique and enduring. It all began in 1978 during an early round of the US Open when American tennis legend Chris Evert experienced a mishap on the court. Evert, who was rising in the ranks at the time, had a diamond and gold bracelet that she had purchased for herself fall off during a match. Play was stopped so she could retrieve it, and this incident forever changed the world of jewelry.

Evert recalls the moment vividly, remembering the green court, the white lines, and her diamond bracelet shining amidst the intensity of competition. This accessory reflected her personal style on the court.

Once people noticed that Evert was playing her matches adorned with diamonds, they were both bemused and impressed. This memorable moment left a lasting impact on tennis fans and the press.

Although the origin of the term “tennis bracelet” has remained somewhat mysterious over the years, Evert inadvertently coined it during an interview. She referred to her bracelet as her “tennis bracelet” after the match, and the name stuck.

Over time, the tennis bracelet has gained popularity among each new generation. Evert admits that she has been surprised by the immense success and recognition the style has received in the jewelry industry.

After 44 years, on the eve of the 2022 US Open, Chris Evert is making her official comeback to the tennis bracelet scene. She has collaborated with jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann, known for her reimagined classics, to create a collection of stylish tennis bracelets. Monica explains, “The Tennis Bracelet is a fine jewelry conversation Chrissie Evert has wanted to have a voice in for decades. The new collection takes this authentic moment and brings it to a new generation.”

The Monica Rich Kosann x Chrissie Evert Tennis Bracelet Collection features 13 styles, including a luxurious all-diamond and gold design priced at $11,350.

As with all of Monica’s collections, there is a range of materials and prices available. The Tennis Bracelet collection includes more affordable options such as the Fancy Cut Staggered Rock Crystal and Silver Tennis Bracelet ($725) and the Bezel Set Sapphire, Black Steel, and Silver Tennis Bracelet ($985).

All of the Tennis Bracelets in the collection feature an emerald, symbolizing the color of the tennis court. This colorful detail connects the style back to its origin story.

Each bracelet also includes a single pear-shaped diamond drop, representing a bead of sweat. This motif can be interpreted as a symbol of the strength and energy expended during competition.

Every premium style in the collection comes with a signed letter of authenticity from Chris Evert and Monica Rich Kosann, making it a special keepsake.

As a fan of both Chris Evert and Monica Rich Kosann, I am thrilled to see this collaboration. It is a long-awaited and authentic partnership that brings something new to the table.

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