The Hot Designers Showcasing Stylish Platinum Jewelry

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Jewelers worldwide are joining in the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee by creating stunning platinum jewels.

While many of the platinum pieces designed to commemorate the Queen’s 70th throne anniversary lean towards a regal aesthetic, eight of today’s hottest designers – Brent Neale, Harwell Godfrey, Retrouvaí, Spinelli Kilcollin, Stephen Webster, Suzanne Kalan, Walters Faith, and Zöe Chicco – have partnered with the Platinum Guild International, USA and the COUTURE jewelry show to present platinum jewels with a fresh and wearable daytime vibe.

These designers, known for their work in gold, took on the challenge of working with platinum and discovered a newfound love and appreciation for this noble metal.

British designer Stephen Webster, renowned for his rock n’ roll style, crafted an exquisite platinum Thorne ring for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This double ring design, adorned with diamonds and a royal blue tanzanite, showcases the clean lines made possible by platinum’s malleability and strength.

Brent Neale contributed two platinum and diamond pieces to the collaboration: a Mushroom pendant and an eternity band. These playful yet classic designs highlight the exceptional brilliance of platinum.

Designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey, known for her skillful use of colorful gems in yellow gold, embraced diamonds and platinum in her design. She sees a bright future for platinum, especially in bridal jewelry.

The distinctive work of Suzanne Kalan, known for her intricate use of baguette-cut diamonds, translates beautifully to platinum. She appreciates how platinum’s durability and strength hold a diamond securely in place.

The emerging label Walters Faith, known for its modern take on classic styles, found a perfect match in platinum. The designers, Mollie Faith Good and Stephanie Walters Abramow, love platinum’s pure white color and its ability to accentuate colorless diamonds.

Retrouvaí designer Kirsty Stone embraced platinum for her Magna collection, utilizing its strength and ability to showcase diamonds. The interlocking channels in her designs symbolize strength.

The designers of Spinelli Kilcollin drew inspiration from the mythological figure Ceres for their platinum and diamond ring. Their connected bands represent the role of Ceres in guiding the laws of marriage.

Zöe Chicco, known for her effortlessly chic jewelry, incorporated platinum into her collection for the first time. She was delighted with how the finished pieces turned out, praising the luxurious weight of platinum and its ability to showcase diamonds.

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