Why Tiffany x Beyoncé 2.0 Is Unique

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On Friday afternoon, Tiffany unveiled its new ad campaign featuring Beyoncé, catching everyone by surprise, much like dropping an unexpected album.

While I may be a little late in covering this (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), taking a moment to reflect has allowed me to consider what makes this campaign different.

Unlike the previous “About Love” campaign with Beyoncé, which featured Jay Z, this new campaign titled “Lose Yourself in Love” does not.

However, the most significant difference lies in the style. In “Lose Yourself,” Tiffany appears to have found its modern voice, which closely resembles Beyoncé’s. What I mean to say is…

There is a strong presence of Audrey Hepburn’s celebrity spirit whenever a prominent contemporary celebrity, such as Lady Gaga at the Oscars or Beyoncé in the “About Love” campaign, dons a significant Tiffany jewel. It feels like a tribute to Hepburn’s style in the opening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Remember the scene where Hepburn wears the black Givenchy gown? In the previous campaign, Beyoncé even sang “Moon River,” the movie’s signature song, in a video.

The “Lose Yourself in Love” ad campaign showcases Beyoncé’s style entirely.

To be more precise, it feels like an integral part of her new Renaissance dance album with a disco vibe. The fact that Beyoncé mentions Tiffany in her song “Heated,” and Tiffany released a teaser music video-style clip with the ads, reinforces the connection between the superstar and the jeweler.

The fashion in these photos, styled by Patti Wilson and Marni Senofonte, mirrors the music’s mood. The standout fashion designers featured in the captivating shots by photographer Mason Pool include: Amina Muaddi, Duran Lantink, Graham Cruz, LaQuan Smith, Michael Challita, Sarah Sokol, and Vex Latex.

The jewelry showcased in the images is from well-established Tiffany collections, including the gold HardWear collection, the T Collection, and the diamond Victoria Collection. The newest addition to the advertisements is the Lock bangle, introduced this summer.

All in all, it sets a fashionable tone for the unofficial start of fall.

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